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During the investigations into an international smuggling ring and several older cases , Wright's friends and associates would occasionally refer to him, but never by name. Instead he was mentioned in various vague, indirect ways ("him", "the man in the blue suit", "a certain defense attorney", and so on).

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On October 6, Drew Misham was killed through atroquinine poisoning, and Wright, as the chair of the Jurist System Simulated Court Committee, had the courts use this case as the test case for the Jurist System. Justice was appointed to the defense's bench, defending Vera against Klavier. Wright was also able to pick the jurists himself. Wright gave Trucy Zak's will, but he told her not to open it until the right time. As Justice conducted his investigation, Wright began the final stages of his own long investigation.

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Wright called Kristoph Gavin to defend him, but when Kristoph mentioned Zak's baldness, Wright realized that something was wrong, since he should not have seen the man without his hat on. Wright replaced the hat on Zak's head, put a drop of the victim's blood on an ace of spades, and left to call the police. He was shortly thereafter arrested on suspicion of "Shadi Smith's" murder.

Edgeworth found out about the accident and visited Wright in the hospital. Fortunately for him, Wright suffered only minor injuries and a cold, and Edgeworth found him shivering and wearing Iris's hood. Wright gave Edgeworth his attorney's badge and his magatama, asking him to fill the defense's bench for Iris until he got better. As Edgeworth left to investigate the murder, Wright researched his mentor's first case , which had seen Hawthorne nearly get implicated for a murder, but the defendant had killed himself, stopping the trial.

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Wright was at one point known as the "undefeated defense attorney" by some people, including Ema Skye , up until he eventually suffered his first defeat. Despite this, his record was still considered impressive since most defense attorneys would struggle to get a single win in their entire careers.

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Two weeks after the Gramarye trial, Wright took in Zak's abandoned daughter Trucy and raised her as his own, after failing to find any close kin. He also made friends with Kristoph Gavin, and the two of them met often over the next seven years. Wright had a sneaking suspicion that Kristoph was somehow related to the forged evidence, but having no proof at the time, he continued his investigation.

Although Wright soon cleared Starbuck's name, he was shocked to find out that Athena was now being indicted for the same murder as Starbuck. Wright found himself not only defending Athena, but also having to clear both Athena and Blackquill's names in the UR-6 Incident , in which Athena's mother Metis Cykes had been murdered. The resulting trial took place in the ruins of Courtroom No. 9, where he faced off with his old friend and rival Edgeworth once again, who had risen to the position of Chief Prosecutor during Wright's disbarment. During the trial, Wright was forced to cross-examine Justice, who had earlier take a leave of absence from the Agency to investigate Terran's death on his own.

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A few weeks after Trucy's trial, Wright learned that Maya was once again accused of murder, albeit this time with head priest Tahrust Inmee as the victim. He immediately took on the case to save her, going up against international prosecutor  Nahyuta Sahdmadhi in the process. Wright conducted his investigation under the watchful eye of Rayfa, with Detective Ema Skye providing assistance where she could.

That said, Wright's loyalty has clouded his better judgment on a few occasions. In university, he went through great lengths to protect his girlfriend, Dahlia Hawthorne, during his own trial. When his lawyer, Mia Fey, accused Hawthorne of poisoning Diego Armando and giving her bottle of poison to Wright disguised as a necklace, Wright refused to believe her and ate the necklace, though, fortunately for him, it had been emptied. Years later , he attempted to cross a burning bridge in an attempt to save Maya, whom he believed to be trapped on the other side with a killer. Despite Larry Butz begging him not to, Wright went as far as to push him out of the way to get to the bridge, which immediately broke, sending him plummeting down into the river below.

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