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By defining our workflow a little better, we can also account for some functional specialization. In this case, it might be a soft specialization, where some of us prefer doing one type of work more than another, even though we 8767 re capable of doing it all. It 8767 s important to understand that this kind of pull workflow system allows specialization but does not enforce specialization. The team owns the work and the workflow, and it 8767 s up to the team to figure out how to get it done efficiently.

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I would say this is true if there is managed variation in the size of the backlog. For example, all PBIs could be constrained to be small (., everything is 8775 8 ideal days or less 8776 ) and all PBIs bigger than that broken into smaller PBIs (I think this helps support single piece flow). At some point the product owner needs to judge PBIs based on value (., ROI). How can they do that if they are just basing each PBI 8767 s value based on an average?

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The idea of using a simple task board with index cards or sticky notes is as old as Agile itself. A simple variation of this is a task board with a simple Pending - In Process - Complete workflow .

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Ninth graders must compete at the level in which the chapter affiliates. For example, if the ninth grade is housed in a high school 9-67, the student must compete in high school events. If the ninth grade is housed in a 6-9 or 7-9 school, ninth grade students must compete in middle school events.

In our final incarnation of Scrumban, iteration planning still happens at a regular interval, synchronized with review and retrospective, but the goal of planning is to fill the slots available, not fill all of the slots, and certainly not determine the number of slots. This greatly reduces the overhead and ceremony of iteration planning. Time spent batch processing for iteration planning estimation can be replaced with a quality control inspection at the time that work is promoted to the ready queue. If a work item is ill-formed, then it gets bounced and repeat offenders get a root cause analysis.

Firstly, thank you very much! Part of the thinking about the Scrumban approach is that it allows you to keep old practices that have value to you, add new practices that have value to you, and drop ones that don 8767 t. I told one story here about an evolution of a process, but there are other stories that could also be told. You could do a lot of the things that are in the article without giving up iterations. And the point was meant to be that you would only give them up if/when you recognized that they no longer have value for you. If that never happens, then you wouldn 8767 t give them up!

[.] Scrum-ban Scrum-ban: http:///ksse/scrum-ban/. 8775 The idea of using a simple task board with index cards or sticky notes is as old as Agile [.]

Mostly, I want to help facilitate a conversation about the implications of pull and flow for software development. That doesn 8767 t mean that pull and flow are 8775 right 8776 in some absolute sense, although I personally find them to be extremely compelling. But if we decide that pull and flow are the right answer, then this blog is mostly about figuring out what that really means, and I very much appreciate the feedback that I get here.

Once a week might be reasonable if people are hard to schedule or need some lead time in order to prioritize. However, if they are more available than that, then we can set the order point lower. If the planners can respond within a day, then perhaps we can set the order point at 7. If the order point is 7, then there may be no need to keep a backlog of 65. Perhaps we can reduce the backlog to 9 and reduce our lead time by 6 days in the process.

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